The Empire of the Isles


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sailing is so hard! We try and sail the ship but Wilspire ends up falling from the crows nest. TreeDweller and Sahara help heal him and he feels a bit better. Off the side of the ship we see a child-like creature floating on a piece of wood. This small creature tells us that Water Tigers distroyed his ship! He tells us that he is a halfling named Samwise.

After exploring the ship a bit we find a man named Garren dowstairs. He also has our former host Prosida tied up in the hold. He goes on to tell us that the kidnapping of Prosida was part of his contract. We make it through the first night just fine!

The next morning we see a ship with orange sails and it is on fire! As we get closer the ship explodes and damages our ship. Samwise and TD go to fix the leaks and save the guy. 

The ship is taking on a lot of water! Our captive is mysteriously dead too. He can been stabbed and no one knows who did it. [Skill Challenge] The ship gets fixed but is still full of water. Suddenly a water tiger appears! [combat] SAMWISE PUNCHES IT STRAIGHT IN THE NOSE FOR THE KILL SHOT


Reece1919 jax_reynolds89

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