The Empire of the Isles

The Journey to the tip

lamb with mint stuffing MmMMmm

TreeDweller is back from his little trip! We decide on our cover story for our trip will be. Mailee will be our "popular chick" and the Heir Apparent to the Barony of Antinuha of the Island of Amakiir. TreeDweller and Wilspire will be her court Wizards and Sahara, SHUMP and RedBeard will be her body guards. After we figure this all out  we go to bed after drinking "TO PIERCE!" again. We get up early and put on our new clothes/ disguises (if needed). Shump decides to ride her horse and TD and Red are driving the carriages. Wilspire is riding in Red's carriage and Mailee and Sahara are riding in TD's carriage. It takes 14 days of travel instead of 4 days (because the gnome lied about the length). On the night before we enter the compound we prepare our spells, shine our armor and sharpen our weapons.

The compound is surrounded by 30ft walls with huge battlements and there is only one gate in and out. We get up to the gate and successfully get past the guards. The estate we enter is groomed and is full of arboretum-like forests. There are "farms" within the walls along with "barracks" intermingled like a commune type situation.  TD notices a group of wolves with metal collars. He tells Wilspire what he sees. Sahara does not sense evil at all. The three days to the inner estate go by easily. On the day before we enter the main estate of Prosida we go over our plan and all of the relevant info.

The morning of we ride up to the castle/estate house and get greeted by the man of the castle, Prosida. We get taken to the guest chambers by he butlers. We get to out rooms and after THOUROUGHLY checking our room, we find it impeccably clean (and free of listening devices but with a great hidden bottle of booze). Exploring time! From our room we try the left door. It is locked and the the keys we were given do not work. Mai tries to lock pick it but to no avail. WE decide to go through the open door instead of breaking the door down and end up in the dining room and then the bar. We order "bucket sized" road ales (Isel's woodelf ale) and we tell the bartender the custom of brunch. After, we proceed to the museum. All items are magical in the museum. The 5 items are (if arranged like the pips on the 5 side of a dice): 1(top left spot)- white ash walking stick with runes inlayed, 2 (top right spot)- silver sword with a black handle, 3 (middle of the room)- pipe/rod with inscription in draconic, 4 (bottom left)- book/tomb that is thick and leather bound, and 5 (bottom right)- single, crystalline rose-colored pyramid.

We go back to the stairs room and descend the stairs to the 2nd floor (at 3 o'clock if room was arranged like a clock). At 6 and 9 are more doors. We go through the "6"one first and get to a wooden door with a metal door inside. We unlock it and find the kitchen then get some food to take back to our room with us. Going back out to the main room, we try the "9" spot door to find a living and lounge quarters. Off of the balcony Sahara finds a servant who tells me that the orb of arka is actually pyramid shaped! Imagine that! Feeling hungry, we head back to our room for our mid-day meal of lamb and mint stuffing.


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