The Empire of the Isles

shopping and drinking is what we are good at

Early in the morning we all get up. It turns out that Tree Dweller got up and started his shopping adventure with out us! ISELL the bartender directed us to Wilson the Blacksmith 100 yrds East of town, who told is of a more advanced blacksmith who is strictly emperor commissioned and about Ricky who is a merchant of random items and collectibles.

Ricky offers Sahara a paylorean crossbow for 225 gold. She tells him she will consider. Ricky them offers  Wilspire a malachite stone which may contain the soul of Shufonk for 400 gold. Wilspire tricks Ricky into trading the Jade mug he got from the temple for the stone. The party then visits the the trader.

Back at the Winded Sailor, we eat roast chicken and drink a lot of ale. Wilspire gos upstairs to hang out with his new rock, which turns out to be not magical :( (at least by his check). We all have a good night. raucous laughter

Pierce sends a note and a bag with many platinum pieces in it. The note says that he found Darkstar's base in Karacka and the ring of Fharlanghn is not the only thing he is looking for. Pierce tells us we can make some money by retrieving the "orb of arka" which we will have to steal from Prosida's home on the Southeast tip of the main continent, then meet Pierce at Karacka. Hisel learns that Darkstar is dead, and let us know that another party of 3 are at the Seedy Seat, another tavern in town, and they are also headed to Prosida's estate. We go there but it is empty.

WE go back at night and meet a dwarf named Jacques and a gnome named Ashlyn who intended to break into the estate through a mine and the offer to take the party along in exchange for 600 gold and out protection. We agree to the 3 day trip and are given 4 days to prepare.


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