The Empire of the Isles


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We eat our meals and discuss our heist. After a brief discussion we decide to also explore the basement. TreeDweller maps the house and heads to the basement. We again stop for beers with the elf bartender who happens to be Isel's cousin! After a brief discussion of the map, we decide to take the grand carriage to the docks. We talk to Donwin down on the dock marina bar and he also serves us some woodland elf ale. As we talk about stuff a bar fight ensues. After helping carry the bodies out of the marina, we offer some healing to them but 2 die and 1 ran away. We search the bodies just in case and Wilspire finds a crew list of the boat the worked on. The lists reads with the names of all of the dead guys and the inventory reads " a lot of sugar, molasses, flour, trail rations". Sahara notices a tattoo on one of the bodies and it matches to the ship The Centenial Hawk (haha a Millenium Falcon joke).

Back to the Castle! We are in our rooms by 2pm and we bide our time until dinner at 6pm. SOme of us get restless and search the "9" door that was locked and Mailee attempts to pick the lock again.  WIlspire does not agree with this and heads back to the room. After failing yet again to pick the lock, we go back to the room and take a nap.

At 6pm sharp we are dressed nicely and at dinner. At dinner, we discuss Prosida's many treasures. SHUMP attempts to tell a joke but it falls flat miserably. Prosida gets VERY offended by SHUMP and she leaves in a hurry. BUT she also goes to get her horse ready for the heist and her and Redbeard get the boat we commissioned earlier that day on the docks prepared.

Wilspire, TD, Mailee, and Sahara go to execute the heist. We successfully get the orb and Wilspire automatically leaves with it and heads to the boat. Sahara and Mailee go for broke and try to take as many of the items from the museum from the awful man as we can. WE successfully take the Tomb, the sword and the rod but we weren't able to get white ash stick before we were caught! After avoiding some confict, Sahara, TD, and Mailee high tail it back to the boat. We almost don't make it but we manage to escape via a well placed arrow by Redbeard.


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