The Empire of the Isles

BETRAYAL and the Death of Darkstar

SHUMP shows up in the cae bed after the potion room all by herself. Ze gets up and walks into our room and Sahara immediately asks if she has all of her gold still. It turns out ze does :(

We then all proceed through the far door down a long long long hallway and SHUMP takes potion #2 along for the ride. We reach a cavern at the end of the tunnel and across the way is a huge winged creature. We attempt to sneak past it and it fails ( Sahara=CLANK CLANK) and we have to fight the griffin. Sahara ends up killing it with her ax through its face. The griffin's nest gets searched and we find a ton of gold and TreeDweller finds some magical full plate armor.

In the next room we find the Ring we are all looking for. Wilspire levitates the ring off of the pedestal with his mage hand spell and that causes a pillar to pop up in the corridor behind us but the one in to hall in front of us goes down. We all run through and end up in the well room again.

Quickly, we run outside and Darkstar comes out of the woods. As soon as we give him the ring he starts to attack us. He reads a scroll that is magical and something starts to happen. WIlspire shoots him between the eyes and kills him. Pierce ends up paying us for the ring in Platnum for our trouble and we take Darkstar's carriage into the town of Sandelone where Pierce tells us to go in order to receive the rest of our reward for the ring. He tells us to meet him in the Winded Sailor and there is a room for us there. In two weeks he tells us he will be back to give us the rest of our reward. After drinking, eating and sleeping the night away, we get up the next morning to explore the town.


Reece1919 jax_reynolds89

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