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Welcome to the Campaign!

This is where you will find for information about the world that is ruled by the Empire of the Isles and the other beings that live in it. 

Once you have created your account, text your DM and he will give you access to your character page, where you can edit, add a bio, even add character sheet details. 

Those who upload a bio will get a 10 percent XP boost for the next session. 

You'll also notice there are a couple more features. There is an adventure log, which we wont use much because we create physical notes, but if someone would like to add their own 'journal entry' after any of the sessions will get an additional a 2% XP boost the follow session. 

Be sure to also check out the map section which the DM will try to keep updated with new locations you discover. 

As we continue playing and our world grows, there will be alot of opportunity to create pages for our Wiki, which will act as our 'canon.' Every week you can create pages to gain some extra xp. every post you make can give you an extra 1 percent up to an additional 3, for the next session. 

Main Page

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