A halfling monk, small but full of strength and fire.


Samwise is a halfling monk, standing 2’11" tall and weighing 25 pounds. He is 60 years of age (the equivalent of a human in their 20s or 30s, considering halflings live well into the 250s.)

His hair is black and shoulder-length, mostly straight and constantly mussed. His skin is ruddy and lightly tanned, and his hands and feet are calloused. Despite being a monk and indeed spending a fair amount of time in meditation and training indoors, he has also spent many days working outside in the sun, searching for and analyzing relics alongside his brothers and sisters.

He wears light, loose clothing, very much favouring function over form. Always barefoot and free of armor or most weapons, relying instead on his own body and training.


Samwise hails from the island of Senexia, so named for the ancient race that was discovered to live there many years ago and the brotherhood of monks (The Brotherhood of Senexia) who have dedicated their lives to learning more about this race and following the teachings they find amongst the ruins on the island.
Samwise was born to nomadic halfling parents and lived the first 3 years of his life travelling (though he doesn’t remember much of it). His parents’ ship crashed on the shores of Senexia, killing his father and leaving Samwise and his mother stranded on a little-traveled part of the island. No one found them for nearly three weeks. Though she was clever and used to fending for herself and getting out of trouble, his mother, struggling with intense grief and injuries sustained in the wreck, had barely been able to keep Samwise alive, let alone care for herself. She was half-dead when a group of monks found her and brought her to the monastery. They did what they could but she passed soon after knowing Samwise was safe. Her last wish was for the monks to raise him, and they honored it.

Samwise has always enjoyed life at the monastery. The Brotherhood of Senexia is not an overly strict one, and though it took him a few years to realize the benefits of meditation, he always enjoyed their excursions to look for new (or rather, old) relics.

Very recently it came to pass that the monks found an inscription in a well-hidden cave on the shores of Senexia that warned of a coming darkness, with hints this catastrophe would occur in the current times. Further exploration of the cave garnered precious few scraps of information: it would be largely caused by one man, and it could be stopped. A few group of monks volunteered to sail from the island, searching not only for what this event may be, but who would cause it and how to stop it.

Samwise joined one of these groups. After less than a month of exploration, their ship was attacked and destroyed. Samwise was knocked unconscious near the start of the battle, and thus does not know the fate of his fellow monks. He assumes the worst.

This is of course when Samwise was found and rescued by his current companions. Upon waking and speaking to them, he realized that these adventurers could perhaps help him on his quest, and after staying with them a while, believes their mission to be the same as his own.


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