The Empire of the Isles

Campaign notes 2/11

Not sure how to create a new campaign, but figured I’d get this on the server at least so we can see it. 



This tiny forsaken island

I am sick of this island already. Barely any space and goopy skeleton undead attacking us at every turn. Not mention traps set by inhabitants long dead. We found some booze, which is a plus, as well as food to keep us alive for the rest of our journey. We finally discovered the stone and spear and it seems the waves subsided as soon as we put them in the statue. The island let me keep the spear and it seems it will be a fantastic addition to my arsenal. I have decided to keep my loyal companion Lefty with me as this journey has become more and more perilous. Glad to be underway to our next destination.

slaves are bad mmkay

The party decides to go to the marina for breakfast and beer. We meet Mailee and Redbeard there. They had been stranded for 3 days on drift wood and 1 week on an island. Eventually they wer rescued by a merchant ship and brought to port. Willspire examines Sahara's sword she picked up at Arrics and identifies it as "The Flaming Tongue" which can shoot a fire ray out of it once per day and up to 30 ft! It is totally lit AF. TDoodle examines his staff and learns that it has charges to it that do things and stuff. Willspire also studies Sahara's new full plate armor and determines it is GLAMOROUS?!

We get to DarkStar's apartment and Pierce says that DarkStar is alive and planning to make a super soldier (DOPE!) out of 4 magical items. Antony of Borney is DarkStar's real name and he wants the the Gauntlet/Glove (The Griffin aka Cuthbert has it), The ring of Farhlaughn (Pierce has it aka the one we got from the temple in he beginning), The Orb of Arka (TD currently has it), and the Circlet (DarkStar has it). Pierce can seal the items away with a ritual in the Grazing Desert if we get ahold of the other items too. A hooded figure then opens the door into the apartment! He sees us inside and runs out then teleports away. Pierce tells us he thinks that was Cuthbert aka The Griffin. HE GETS AWAY! grrrrrr

After an unsuccessful capture we go shopping to make ourselves feel better. Redbeard persuades Sahara to help him buy a new longbow after reminding her of when he shot her on accident. We also decide to name the boat Pricilla and TD woodshapes it roughly into the boat. That evening at 5pm we go to the marina for dinner. Sahara tears up the dance floor and got so drunk she got kicked out. She joins Willspire back on the Priscilla. The rest of the party meets 3 gnomes, Al, Ted and Simon, who are our new crew. Everyone goes back to the boat and Sahara doesn't waste any time before making them feel insulted. Bed time for all.

We wake up and we are already on the water and out of port. The crew is manning the ship. 2 days pass and we meet 2 other ships with a 20-man crew who want to make us slaves! (They are  big bad gnolls and ugly as shit.) We kill all of them in their snouts (except Samwise who nut-kicked one TO DEATH!) We get 515 gp, 4 gems, 2 wands and a potion as loot.

buh dadadada dup dup dah dah dah

sailing is so hard! We try and sail the ship but Wilspire ends up falling from the crows nest. TreeDweller and Sahara help heal him and he feels a bit better. Off the side of the ship we see a child-like creature floating on a piece of wood. This small creature tells us that Water Tigers distroyed his ship! He tells us that he is a halfling named Samwise.

After exploring the ship a bit we find a man named Garren dowstairs. He also has our former host Prosida tied up in the hold. He goes on to tell us that the kidnapping of Prosida was part of his contract. We make it through the first night just fine!

The next morning we see a ship with orange sails and it is on fire! As we get closer the ship explodes and damages our ship. Samwise and TD go to fix the leaks and save the guy. 

The ship is taking on a lot of water! Our captive is mysteriously dead too. He can been stabbed and no one knows who did it. [Skill Challenge] The ship gets fixed but is still full of water. Suddenly a water tiger appears! [combat] SAMWISE PUNCHES IT STRAIGHT IN THE NOSE FOR THE KILL SHOT

oceans theme plays in background

We eat our meals and discuss our heist. After a brief discussion we decide to also explore the basement. TreeDweller maps the house and heads to the basement. We again stop for beers with the elf bartender who happens to be Isel's cousin! After a brief discussion of the map, we decide to take the grand carriage to the docks. We talk to Donwin down on the dock marina bar and he also serves us some woodland elf ale. As we talk about stuff a bar fight ensues. After helping carry the bodies out of the marina, we offer some healing to them but 2 die and 1 ran away. We search the bodies just in case and Wilspire finds a crew list of the boat the worked on. The lists reads with the names of all of the dead guys and the inventory reads " a lot of sugar, molasses, flour, trail rations". Sahara notices a tattoo on one of the bodies and it matches to the ship The Centenial Hawk (haha a Millenium Falcon joke).

Back to the Castle! We are in our rooms by 2pm and we bide our time until dinner at 6pm. SOme of us get restless and search the "9" door that was locked and Mailee attempts to pick the lock again.  WIlspire does not agree with this and heads back to the room. After failing yet again to pick the lock, we go back to the room and take a nap.

At 6pm sharp we are dressed nicely and at dinner. At dinner, we discuss Prosida's many treasures. SHUMP attempts to tell a joke but it falls flat miserably. Prosida gets VERY offended by SHUMP and she leaves in a hurry. BUT she also goes to get her horse ready for the heist and her and Redbeard get the boat we commissioned earlier that day on the docks prepared.

Wilspire, TD, Mailee, and Sahara go to execute the heist. We successfully get the orb and Wilspire automatically leaves with it and heads to the boat. Sahara and Mailee go for broke and try to take as many of the items from the museum from the awful man as we can. WE successfully take the Tomb, the sword and the rod but we weren't able to get white ash stick before we were caught! After avoiding some confict, Sahara, TD, and Mailee high tail it back to the boat. We almost don't make it but we manage to escape via a well placed arrow by Redbeard.

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Truth bomb
alive or dead?

All of us see arrows suddenly fly at us from a bigger ship. They had SHUMP but they gave her back  after picking her up thinking she was a Githyanki too. (She had a great time without us too. How rude.) 

We get the corpse of the water tiger off the ship but not before Willspire cuts the heart out to save. Garren is then discovered to be dead. He was impaled by a githyanki arrow and died. Will goes over to investigate his belonging and learns some info. Garren was bringing Arric back to "The Griffin" not to DarkStar. 

Where did Mailee and Redbeard go? It seems that they went over board when the githyanki pulled up and none of us noticed!

As we sail the rest of our journey we discuss our game plan. Sahara makes sure to give the tomb we liberated from Arric to Willspire and the staff to TreeBeard lol

As we approach the port Willspire remembers that we need to meet Pierce at DarkStar's appartment in the Port District. We get turned away from tying up the boat at the merchant port and make our way to the residential port. Sahara gets chucked out of the boat and has to clumsily swim to shore herself. Samwise slips on lamp oil but catches himself before he can fall off the boat. TD makes sure to make some coffins for the bodies in our hold before we can forget they are there. He tries to wood shape RIP into the tops but it comes out looking closer to PIP and Sahara uses a dagger to correct it. She then leave a note on the ship and the port fee just in case the authorities come by to collect. As we wander into town we stop at a Tavern and get some road beers. Sahara asks the bartender if they know where Pierce is but they wont tell her (and she is being naively racist too). SHUMP then investigates and asks about where the apartments are. It turns out we need to go talk to the manager of the only apartment block. The bartender gestures toward them as we finish our beers and find it. 

GOING TO THE BAZAAR to shop and shit. Samwise sells his sword for a butt load of platnum pieces (100pp). Sahara sells her old scale mail and insults the gnome  "child" but SHUMP has an adorable heartwarming moment with him.

GOING TO THE HOUSING DISTRICT to ask about where to find Pierce. The front desk of the complex tells us to ask the city watch to find where we need to go. As we walk, everyone tells Sahara how racist she was being with the gnome and the front desk clerk and she has a "come to Heironeous" moment and now she knows what racism is. Tomorrow we are going to find Pierce. We go to the apartment bar to get grog. We get get some ales. PIERCE IS THERE! He buys us a round. He also tells us that DarkStar's apartment number is 1641. We then stumble back to the boat to get some sleep. Willspire then drops a truth bomb on us. DarkStar is still alive. Pierce might be being underhanded and the carriage dude we killed that we thought was DarkStar was a decoy. He was lying the whole time. TD looks hard at the orb and gets a weird deja vu feeling. He squeezes it and it starts to float and circle his head. Willspire tries to hit him but he sees it coming. Maybe it is an ION STONE? … We decide to go to bed and discuss it in the morning.

The Journey to the tip
lamb with mint stuffing MmMMmm

TreeDweller is back from his little trip! We decide on our cover story for our trip will be. Mailee will be our "popular chick" and the Heir Apparent to the Barony of Antinuha of the Island of Amakiir. TreeDweller and Wilspire will be her court Wizards and Sahara, SHUMP and RedBeard will be her body guards. After we figure this all out  we go to bed after drinking "TO PIERCE!" again. We get up early and put on our new clothes/ disguises (if needed). Shump decides to ride her horse and TD and Red are driving the carriages. Wilspire is riding in Red's carriage and Mailee and Sahara are riding in TD's carriage. It takes 14 days of travel instead of 4 days (because the gnome lied about the length). On the night before we enter the compound we prepare our spells, shine our armor and sharpen our weapons.

The compound is surrounded by 30ft walls with huge battlements and there is only one gate in and out. We get up to the gate and successfully get past the guards. The estate we enter is groomed and is full of arboretum-like forests. There are "farms" within the walls along with "barracks" intermingled like a commune type situation.  TD notices a group of wolves with metal collars. He tells Wilspire what he sees. Sahara does not sense evil at all. The three days to the inner estate go by easily. On the day before we enter the main estate of Prosida we go over our plan and all of the relevant info.

The morning of we ride up to the castle/estate house and get greeted by the man of the castle, Prosida. We get taken to the guest chambers by he butlers. We get to out rooms and after THOUROUGHLY checking our room, we find it impeccably clean (and free of listening devices but with a great hidden bottle of booze). Exploring time! From our room we try the left door. It is locked and the the keys we were given do not work. Mai tries to lock pick it but to no avail. WE decide to go through the open door instead of breaking the door down and end up in the dining room and then the bar. We order "bucket sized" road ales (Isel's woodelf ale) and we tell the bartender the custom of brunch. After, we proceed to the museum. All items are magical in the museum. The 5 items are (if arranged like the pips on the 5 side of a dice): 1(top left spot)- white ash walking stick with runes inlayed, 2 (top right spot)- silver sword with a black handle, 3 (middle of the room)- pipe/rod with inscription in draconic, 4 (bottom left)- book/tomb that is thick and leather bound, and 5 (bottom right)- single, crystalline rose-colored pyramid.

We go back to the stairs room and descend the stairs to the 2nd floor (at 3 o'clock if room was arranged like a clock). At 6 and 9 are more doors. We go through the "6"one first and get to a wooden door with a metal door inside. We unlock it and find the kitchen then get some food to take back to our room with us. Going back out to the main room, we try the "9" spot door to find a living and lounge quarters. Off of the balcony Sahara finds a servant who tells me that the orb of arka is actually pyramid shaped! Imagine that! Feeling hungry, we head back to our room for our mid-day meal of lamb and mint stuffing.

shopping and drinking is what we are good at

Early in the morning we all get up. It turns out that Tree Dweller got up and started his shopping adventure with out us! ISELL the bartender directed us to Wilson the Blacksmith 100 yrds East of town, who told is of a more advanced blacksmith who is strictly emperor commissioned and about Ricky who is a merchant of random items and collectibles.

Ricky offers Sahara a paylorean crossbow for 225 gold. She tells him she will consider. Ricky them offers  Wilspire a malachite stone which may contain the soul of Shufonk for 400 gold. Wilspire tricks Ricky into trading the Jade mug he got from the temple for the stone. The party then visits the the trader.

Back at the Winded Sailor, we eat roast chicken and drink a lot of ale. Wilspire gos upstairs to hang out with his new rock, which turns out to be not magical :( (at least by his check). We all have a good night. raucous laughter

Pierce sends a note and a bag with many platinum pieces in it. The note says that he found Darkstar's base in Karacka and the ring of Fharlanghn is not the only thing he is looking for. Pierce tells us we can make some money by retrieving the "orb of arka" which we will have to steal from Prosida's home on the Southeast tip of the main continent, then meet Pierce at Karacka. Hisel learns that Darkstar is dead, and let us know that another party of 3 are at the Seedy Seat, another tavern in town, and they are also headed to Prosida's estate. We go there but it is empty.

WE go back at night and meet a dwarf named Jacques and a gnome named Ashlyn who intended to break into the estate through a mine and the offer to take the party along in exchange for 600 gold and out protection. We agree to the 3 day trip and are given 4 days to prepare.

BETRAYAL and the Death of Darkstar

SHUMP shows up in the cae bed after the potion room all by herself. Ze gets up and walks into our room and Sahara immediately asks if she has all of her gold still. It turns out ze does :(

We then all proceed through the far door down a long long long hallway and SHUMP takes potion #2 along for the ride. We reach a cavern at the end of the tunnel and across the way is a huge winged creature. We attempt to sneak past it and it fails ( Sahara=CLANK CLANK) and we have to fight the griffin. Sahara ends up killing it with her ax through its face. The griffin's nest gets searched and we find a ton of gold and TreeDweller finds some magical full plate armor.

In the next room we find the Ring we are all looking for. Wilspire levitates the ring off of the pedestal with his mage hand spell and that causes a pillar to pop up in the corridor behind us but the one in to hall in front of us goes down. We all run through and end up in the well room again.

Quickly, we run outside and Darkstar comes out of the woods. As soon as we give him the ring he starts to attack us. He reads a scroll that is magical and something starts to happen. WIlspire shoots him between the eyes and kills him. Pierce ends up paying us for the ring in Platnum for our trouble and we take Darkstar's carriage into the town of Sandelone where Pierce tells us to go in order to receive the rest of our reward for the ring. He tells us to meet him in the Winded Sailor and there is a room for us there. In two weeks he tells us he will be back to give us the rest of our reward. After drinking, eating and sleeping the night away, we get up the next morning to explore the town.


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